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Caring for Natural Hair

 When it comes t o caring for natural  hair it can be a daunting task.  I will not disagree that caring for natural hair is difficult but; the good thing about it is it does not have to be.  With proper steps and direction it really does not have to be.  Because the hair is natural meaning chemically untreated.  Some will say that it is easier to care for hair that is chemically treated than it is for natural hair. But when you think about it, it really is the same. The difference is the hair is natural and it needs a little extra care. That means time and dedication to the caring of your hair.  You need to keep your hair moisturized at all times, the hair needs nutrients in order to be healthy. Find a good product will meet the needs of your hair.  I would recommend something that is free from chemicals and sulfates which are bad for natural hair.  Make sure to condition the hair on a regular basis so that there is no unneccessray breakage to the hair. Only you know your hair and what will work and what won’t work on your hair.  DO NOT give up if it does not work the first time keep trying.. HAPPY HAIR JOURNEY


Children and Relaxers

The topic of little kids and chemically processed hair is by far a rough topic.  Back in the day we relied on hot combs to straighten the hair of our daughters,nieces, grand daughters or customers.  We couldn’t seem to let the girls be beautiful just the way they were, there is this  ideal notion that we have to let children young as 7yrs old be ashamed of their ”Natural Beauty”.  This same story is still continuing today.  The story has taken a vastly different change from the hot combs that went on the stove in the kitchen on Sunday morning, to the ever so convenient purchase of the relaxer.   The need for these products have become a very big business, and it is growing rapidly and we are adding to this devastating dilemma that is destroying our younger generations self-esteem and their love of self.

Being all natural

I recently did a paper on Natural Hair and the effect it is having on my culture. It really affirmed all of the ideas and thoughts I had growing up. My main goal for writing this paper was to give others another way of thinking,also the things that we can do from this point on to change our thoughts; and also feelings towards natural hair. click here

Natural Hair Journey

For some time I have depended on Chemicals to straighten my hair.  I became co-dependent on the creamy crack to make me look beautiful.  Within the African-American culture it was not pretty to be dark-skinned with kinky or nappy hair; you were considered ugly. Like many young girls I went through this pain as a child into teenage years. Once I turned 18.  I made the choice to continue to use relaxers in my hair because that was all I knew.  It was difficult to have healthy hair and keep it straight at the same time. After years of substantial hair lose, burnt scalps, and dull dry hair; I made the final choice to go natural in June of 2010.  Since I have started this journey that I am on I have taken a new approach to the things that I do concerning my hair.  I no longer look at other women with the rose-colored glasses on.

  Embracing who I am has become a long and dedicated road that I traveling.  I am currently working on my business degree at Tennessee State University.  One day I look forward to having my business based in “Natural Hair Care”. This is really steered towards bringing awareness to the things that we will do to ourself in order to be accepted.  I also want to stop the trend that we are setting for our future generation of woman, there is no need to continue a destructive trend with unhealthy habits.   I just happen to come across this link in which Dr.Oz Does a show on the dangers of relaxers and straighteners if you click the link you will be shocked dangers-hair-straighteners-pt-2. Now when you think about how long we have actually been putting these harsh chemicals in our bodies, it should make you wonder about the illness these things could cause. When I look at videos like this it makes my skin crawl. We have carried on this tradition of putting unhealthy chemicals in our systems without knowing the full extent of what we are using.

Some people will look at this blog as a phase! but this is real life and the things that happen within the lives of women and little girls of color.   When we start to love ourselves for the individuals we are, we will have a better way of teaching future generations to come.