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4C Hair Types

As you all know from reading my blog I am coming up on my one year. GO ME!. It is a milestone that I can truly say I am happy about.  But I am still  trying to determine my natural hair type. SO I took to the internet to try to educate myself on my hair type  . Now the task was no way easy but I think that I have come to the conclusion that I am 4C. Now some people maybe saying what is 4C  hair and that just simply means that your hair is dense, course, and spongy and it soaks in oils and water making the hair extra dry.  For this kind of hair you need to find a good conditioner and shampoo something free of sulfate and harsh chemicals, as these will only add to the dryness of the hair making it appear dull and cause an extreme amount of damage.  I am in no way an expert on this but I have done a lot of research to support my ideology that I have about my hair. When the hair is moistened and cleansed really well there is little to no breakage. I will continue to post about different hair types as I continue my quest in natural hair.

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