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Makayla’s Hair Growth Journey

Welcome loves,

This is the story of my lovely daughter’s hair growth journey, we are going to see if we can get her an extra 6′-10′ inches in growth from now through the summer. Miss Kayla before the wash and style This is before the washing and conditioning of her  hair. I wash Kayla’s hair once every three weeks, because her hair is so coarse and it dries very quickly I don’t wash her hair that much.

The pictures below are some of the products that I use to wash and condition her hair. I do not like using products that have sulfates or parabens in them because they stop the moisture from getting into the hair shaft.

washThe products I used to cleanse the hair is the Aunt Jackie’s “O So Clean Moisturizing Shampoo”, let me tell you this makes the hair so, so soft almost feels like you don’t need a conditioner ALMOST. The next product that I used to condition the hair is Palmer’s Olive Oil ; can I say that I LOVE this product! It works wonders on the hair.  I try not to use a lot of product in her hair. It weighs the hair down and causes a build up which will make me have to wash her hair more “NO Thank You”.

Alright, now that I  have finished washing and conditioning the hair, it’s time to add in the leave in conditioner. Makayla has thick hair that inhales oil. Adding an extra conditioning agent helps seal in moisture so that the hair does not become dry and brittle.virgin

Now this stuff right here!!!! OMG. This is a wonderful combination, let’s start with the top picture. Virgin Hair Fertilizer, this little tube of wonderfulness comes all the way from Nigeria. YES!!! I said Nigeria. They use this on their edges to grow them but it can be used on the scalp as well to promote hair growth.  Now, the smell is intense, it has a minty, tar smell so please only use a dime size to rub on the temples.

The next picture is more Virgin Hair Fertilizer, but this is a creme. Again, amazing; this is my little heaven in a jar. This is a conditioning treatment that is used to not only promote hair growth, it also stops breaking and shedding hair in 2 weeks. Now I am sure you are saying “Yea right” on stopping breakage but it actually does. I have been using it for 4 weeks and it has stopped the shedding immensely in Makayla’s hair.

I used my Denman brush to detangle the hair after I applied the conditioning treatment. I didn’t do an elaborate style for the week because she is homeschooled and attends gymnastics.  The finished product is below.


Makayla Finished